Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kaju Katli

The String Consistency for Sugar syrup is very important in making these Kaju Katli. The other important fact is, when to switch off the flame. if you overcook, then you will end up in hard katli's. so these two facts are to be learned and followed exactly.

When I said String Consistency, here in the Kaju Katli, you need not wait for single string consistency at all, it should be the previous stage to single string consistency.

Coming to the Recipe..


(Yields 10 - 14 Kaju Katli's)

Recipe Inspiration : VeganYum Yum

1. Cashews - 30 / 1 cup (125 gms)
2. Sugar - 1/2 cup
3. Water - just to the level of sugar immerses ( 4tbsp)
4. Ghee - to Grease your Palms.

Since this was my trial, i just used some 30 cashews. They were Big in size, when i powdered them i got about 1 cup / 6 oz.

- Wash and dry your mixer, without any wet.
- Grind the Cashew to the powder form.

The Ratio between Cashew Powder and Sugar is 2 : 1.

How to Make Sugar Syrup for Kaju Katli?

Take half cup sugar(3 oz.) in a thick bottomed pan, and pour water till it get immersed (say 4 tbsp of water).

Keep checking every half minute..

1. Soon after the sugar water starts to boil, have a little in a spoon and touch it with your fingers. it will be very sticky to your fingers.( pisukku patham)

2. Second stage is, just drop a drop of sugar syrup on a plate, and tilt the plate, sugar syrup will start flowing.

3. Third and required stage for Kaju Katli is

Drop a drop of sugar syrup, on a plate, it should get set and not move, when the plate is tilted. 

When the syrup attains the third stage, put the cashew powder to the syrup and keep stirring it to avoid lumps. even break the lumps if any formed.

Keep the flame Low and keep stirring for at least 3-4 minutes.

When you see bubbles coming and blowing off from the cashew burfi and when you take it with a slotted spoon ( Jalli Karandi ), and tilt the spoon, The cashew burfi should start sliding vertically like paper and flat. switch off the flame and remove from the stove. (just takes 3 - 4 minutes in slow flame, dont exceed this time, if you are a beginner)

Let it cool for about 10 to 15 minutes in tha kadaai / Pan itself. Let it Cool till your palms could bear the heat for kneading.

Grease some ghee on your palms and knead the cashew burfi dough for about a minute or 2, till they all come out to a big ball shape. (Kaju Dough is ready) - Refer here to makeKaju Roll.

Roll them evenly of thickness 1/4' inch. or just pat them with your fingers like we do for Poli.

Cut them into squares or diamonds and store them in air tight container.

Cashew Burfi / Kaju Katli

It was just like the ones that we get from Sri Krishna sweets.

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